Abstract Art Painting Featured on Saatchi Art

The Shadow


One of Paul’s latest original abstract paintings, ‘The Shadow’ has been featured on the online gallery Saatchi Arts and their Collection, which went live on the 22/08/2017.

The abstract art was selected by the galleries curators. The company’s online selection of artworks is curated by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator of Saatchi Art. The Saatchi Art marketplace contains original paintings, photography, drawings and sculpture by approximately 65,000 artists from 100 countries worldwide. Saatchi Art sell and ship artwork to collectors in over 80 countries.

The Original Art Inspiration The selected abstract painting is a visual representation of land, and sky and the two clashing into one. The palette of the abstract painting is inspired by colours of dawn and dusk, when the day begins and ends. The aim of the painting is to put the viewer into the abstract, but ground them with aspects of reality.

Understanding Abstract Art The beautiful thing about abstract art is that it frees the viewer’s imagination and sends them on their own journey of discovery. With help from the artist, they get to decide what abstract art means to them, based on their personal experiences, and their own creativity. Abstract art needs to be interpreted and not explained. All you need to do is open up your intuition and see where your imagination takes you.

Buying Original Abstract Art Thinking of buying original art? Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider buying abstract art for your home or office space:

  • This art creates a stunning visual impact in any space that generates energy within anyone that is exposed to it.
  • When you display art that is abstract, you make a statement about yourself as well as your attitude toward life.
  • This type of art not only generates interest about the painting itself, but also creates a focal point in any space to stimulate enthusiasm
  • and conversation.


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